Strawberry Panic BD + Anime Limited Cancellations

Rightstuf is listing a BD release for all 26 episodes of Strawberry Panic! from Media Blasters set for a June 26 release in sub-only format for around US$38.

Meanwhile in the United Kingdom, Anime Limited announced a full slate of titles that are no longer going to be available:

  1. Buddy Complex
  2. Chaos Dragon
  3. Dagashi Kashi
  4. Death Parade
  5. Dimension W
  6. Genocidal Organ
  7. Ninja Slayer
  8. Riddle Story of Devil
  9. Rolling Girls
  10. Tenchi Muyo GXP

As you can see, all of them are Funimation titles. Even so, we do not know the reason for the cancellations as of yet.

Source: Anime UK News (Link 1 and Link 2) and Article Image: Rightstuf

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